What is Conveyancing Law & How Can it Help When Buying/Selling Property?

When purchasing a new home, it can prove highly beneficial to find a good conveyancing lawyer that will help you navigate the various requirements and potential legal matters to finalise the process. While not legally required, hiring a conveyancing lawyer can help take some of the legal strain off your plate so you can focus more on moving.

In this article, Terry Johnson Legal explore what conveyancing law is, as well as how we can specifically help when purchasing or selling a property.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing involves transferring ownership of a legal title of the land to the new owner. Often requiring a lot of paperwork and communication, 3 stages generally make up a conveyancing transaction:

  • pre-contract
  • pre-completion
  • post-completion

To ensure nothing gets missed or misrepresented, a conveyancing lawyer will keep in regular contact with all involved parties, keep track of important dates, deal with other lawyers, and complete various legal paperwork. While you can complete all of this yourself, engaging a conveyancing lawyer helps provide further peace of mind, with their experience and professional indemnity insurances safeguarding against any potential mishaps. It is often recommended to seek out a conveyancing lawyer if you are buying or selling a property, updating a title, subdividing land, or dealing with an easement.

How Can Conveyancing Law Help When Buying a Property?

As they oversee the settlement process, a conveyancing lawyer provides a variety of services for those buying a property. They will:

  • prepare, clarify, and lodge any legal documents
  • research the property and its certificate of title
  • place deposit money in a secure trust account
  • calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes
  • settle the property by acting on the buyer’s behalf and represent their various interests with a vendor

How Can Conveyancing Law Help When Selling a Property?

Engaging a conveyancing lawyer also has advantages for individuals selling a property. Throughout the process, the conveyancing lawyer will complete any legal documents and represent the seller in any dealings with buyers, including asking title questions, requesting date extensions, and ensuring there are no loose ends that may create problems in the future.

Conveyancing Law with Terry Johnson Legal

With many years of experience in the field, Terry Johnson Legal provide expert services for clients in need of a conveyancing lawyer in Canberra. We offer a friendly, reliable service whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home in the ACT. To learn more about how we can support you when buying or selling a property, contact us today.




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