What are disbursements and why are they needed?

You may have heard of this term when receiving a quote or an invoice from your lawyer or licenced conveyancer and felt confused about what the costs entail. While there are other industries also using this term, they generally have a similar concept to it. That said, many people still find the term very foreign and confronting especially when they view it in an invoice addressed to them.

In a nutshell, disbursements are costs incurred from all types of services related with your legal matter that does not fall under lawyer or solicitor’s fee. It is any sort of payment paid out-of-pocket by your solicitor on your, the client’s, behalf to a third party and passed onto you through a reimbursement.

These costs to a third-party are required by your practitioner or licenced conveyancer to complete the legal matter requested by you, and to ensure that everything regarding your issue is running smoothly and in order. There are no fixed total fees and the range can vary greatly between the types of legal matter involved and your circumstance.

What are the types of costs involved under disbursements?

Depending on your issue, there will be different types of costs that will fall under disbursement. In general, you can expect most of these costs below to come under this category:

  • Court filing
  • Hearing fees
  • Conveyancing
  • Courier and postage
  • Witness and interpreter’s fees
  • Administration (including photocopying, mailing etc.)
  • Obtaining reports (including strata reports, medical reports etc.)
  • Obtaining certificates (title search, land title search etc.)

Regardless of what your legal issue is, TJ Legal will want to give you the best outcome. By following through with court procedures and getting the required papers for you, you can have a peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of for you.

Is there any help available to cover disbursement costs?

For work-related injury cases, some larger insurance companies may be able to help you recover disbursement fees even if your case has been unsuccessful. It is always worth checking with your insurer the details of your cover.

TJ Legal is transparent about all costs involved with your case

Your attorney at Terry Johnson Legal can give you a quote on how much disbursement may amount to for your case, but will also gladly explain the various costs involved. The professionals here all believe in transparency and having a simple fee structure, so you have a clear picture of all the work that goes into your case.

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