3 Facts On Divorce Rates In Australia

In our day and age, there is a strong belief that people are quick to divorce when a relationship goes sour. These can be due to a few social trends in the modern society. From the high prevalence of tools feeding into our needs for instant gratification, to a change in expectations of the traditional roles in a family unit, divorce is no longer a shunned topic among family and friends.

However, statistics say otherwise. Despite steadily rising population growth in Australia, the general divorce trend is actually pointing in the opposite direction of its speculation. The divorce trend in Australia has been on a decline since mid-1990s, but that is not to say that the challenges our society is facing is not real.

Why are divorce rates in Australia falling?

Not all couples who marry feel the same way later in life, leading to a divorce. One of the reasons divorce rates are falling is because there are also fewer couples registering for marriage. Back in 1970, the crude marriage rate was 9.6 marriages per 1000 residents in Australia. In 2018, it is only at 4.8 marriages per 1000 residents.

Another reason is because couples are choosing to live in de facto relationships than to marry. Should they choose to separate later in life, it does not count as a divorce. In addition, Australians are marrying later than their parents did in the past. With fewer social pressures to settle down with a partner early on in life, many people are taking more time and effort to choose their lifelong partner, which may lead to better compatibility and a stronger overall relationship.

How long do couples stay married before divorcing?

While the 7-year itch is a common theory, here in Australia the median duration of marriages is at 12.3 years, with the highest separation rate at the five-year mark. This suggests that the ‘itch’ does not start at seven years, but the general trend does points towards a decline in divorce rates the longer into the marriage a couple is.

What age do couples tend to divorce?

With couples waiting longer before tying the knot, naturally the median age of couples divorcing has also increased. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median age of males divorcing in 2018 is 45.9, compared to only 44.1 in 2008. Similarly, females’ median age at the time of divorce is 43.2 in 2018, but only 41.4 a decade before.

Unfortunately, children sometimes get caught up in a couple’s dispute. A majority of the children involved in a divorce are at the crucial, formative ages between 2-13. This means they will require a lot of help and support to overcome the distressing ordeal of their parents separating.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Regardless of what stage of life you are at, the divorce process is never easy. There are a wide range of emotions involved, and the process is further complicated when children are involved.

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It is almost always more beneficial for both parties to resolve their family disputes outside of court. Not only does it save effort and money, there is less stress for everyone involved. Whenever possible, mediation will be the first method used to try and reach a settlement that you can be satisfied with. When both parties are unable to settle on an agreeable arrangement unfortunately, court proceedings will be the next step forward.

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